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The mountains are calling! 5 tips for great skiing

January 3, 2024 | CAR4WAY

The mountains are calling. Let's go!

I'm sure you're tired of being squashed in the car and having skis smack you in the forehead.
Plus, you can't even put on your favorite music because the driver just broke up with his girlfriend and is only in the mood for Taylor Swift.
Rent one of our cars and be the master of the whole journey! Now we've got 5 great places to ski and hike.

I'm from Prague. Where should I go?


If you're coming from Prague, Klínovec is a great choice. Pack your things, take out your mobile and rent a Škoda Kodiaq 4x4 L&K.
You'll be completely comfortable during your trip and you definitely don't have to worry about being left behind, as the car is all-wheel drive.
There are chairlifts and ski lifts waiting for you in Klínovec. Don't wait in line, buy your ski passes online and head straight for the slopes.
In addition, there is a snow park for experienced skiers and snowboarders, where you can try out the tricks you saw yesterday on TikTok.

Čertova hora

The Harrachov sports area is full of interesting places to go with your friends or family. For example, the Devil's Mountain is a great ski slope!
Hop in the four-wheel drive Superb Combi L&K and go skiing. There are 4 slopes waiting for you, with two lifts to take you up.
The biggest attraction will definitely be the famous Červená II slope, which is one of the most beautiful carving slopes in Bohemia.

Tanvaldský Špičák

Those who have never skied this legendary ski slope have missed out on a lot. It offers 6 km of downhill slopes of various levels of difficulty.
But what is the biggest attraction? Definitely the view from the Kostelní ski slope, which has an elevation gain of 220 metres. From here you can really see the whole area and the view is really worth it!
Call your friends and choose a car that will fit all your gear. This time you won't be stuck and you'll have a great ride. 



Where should I go from Brno?

Červenohorské sedlo

Are you planning a skiing trip with a group of friends or do you have a large family? Stop by our car rental shop and head out in the Volkswagen Caravelle, where there's no shortage of space.
In the Červenohorské sedlo area, 5.5 km of downhill runs await you, to which one of 8 lifts will take you. Experienced skiers and beginners alike will find their own track here.
Or get really fit and go cross-country skiing. There's a groomed trail that's a whopping 60 kilometres long!

Skiareál Karolinka

Do you have adrenaline flowing in your blood and want to let it out somewhere? We know two great ways! Take the Superb 4x4 on snowy roads.
Then jump on your skis or snowboard and enjoy the high-capacity ski lift with its 1 km long main ski slope. There's a great track waiting for you that's really suitable for everyone.
For adrenaline junkies, there is a snow park consisting of large and small jumps, several boxes and original obstacles.