Take CAR4WAY to the airport!

  • Driving to and from the airport has never been easier!
  • We are the only carsharing in Czechia with our private parking space at the airport
  • Airport fee will be automatically added to the price of the entire booking
    • Basic
      299 CZK
    • Comfort
      299 CZK
    • Active
      299 CZK
Complete pricelist Where can you find our cars at the airport?

From the city to the airport!

Book the CAR4WAY carsharing car in Prague*,

load your luggage and you're ready to go.

* The car must be selected from free carsharing Prague zone. It is not possible to go to the airport by a carsharing car from Brno. It is also not possible to drive a community-mode-car to the airport.

From the airport to the city

Have you landed at the airport and are looking for an easy way to get to the city?

  • After landing, book your car at the airport
  • Go to the Parking C - RENT A CAR - building
  • Take the lift to the 2nd floor - VIP PARKING
  • When exiting, follow the EXIT signs and use the exit card, which you will find prepared in each car.
    • You will use the card twice
    • Fist time: at the barrier on the floor; the card shall be returned to you
    • Second time: on the ground floor, where you shall put it into the machine, and the exit barrier opens
  • You get where you need to go
  • Park anywhere in Prague and end your reservation

Carsharing to the airport

Carsharing to the city

Airport bundle price

Basic 299 CZK
Comfort 299 CZK
Active 299 CZK
Complete pricelist