Take CAR4WAY to the airport!

  • Driving to and from the airport has never been easier!
  • We are the only carsharing in Czechia with our private parking space at the airport
  • Entering the reserved parking spaces is free of charge
  • You will end the reservation and you can leave the car
  • The parking spaces at the airport are not passable. You can pick up another car on the 2nd floor for your return journey to the city
Complete pricelist Where can you find our cars at the airport?

From the city to the airport!

Book the CAR4WAY carsharing car in Prague*,

load your luggage and you're ready to go.

* It is not possible to drive a community-mode-car to the airport.

From the airport to the city

Have you landed at the airport and are looking for an easy way to get to the city?

  • After landing, book your car at the airport
  • Go to the Parking C - RENT A CAR - building
  • Take the lift to the 2nd floor - VIP PARKING
  • When exiting, follow the EXIT signs and use the exit card, which you will find prepared in each car.
    • You will use the card twice
    • Fist time: at the barrier on the floor; the card shall be returned to you
    • Second time: on the ground floor, where you shall put it into the machine, and the exit barrier opens
  • You get where you need to go
  • Park anywhere in Prague and end your reservation

How to get to the airport

Where to park at the airport