Why carsharing?

It pays off Do you drive less than 10,000 km a year and your car is standing still? We are cheaper than your own car.
No worries Are you surrounded by responsibilities associated with a car - service, insurance, highway stickers? With us you don't have to worry about these things.
Practical vehicle Are you going to work, a football match, a family trip or you need to move your mother-in-law? Choose a partner for every occasion.
Under control Are you annoyed by hidden charges in complex and confusing billing? With us you will have a clear picture at the end of your journey.

How does it work?

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How much will my trip cost?

Choose your car

Are you looking for a small city car for the narrow streets in Prague? Or do you need a bigger vehicle for a trip with the whole family that will provide enough space and comfort?

ŠKODA CITIGO, FABIA COMBI, RAPID, OCTAVIA COMBI, VW CADDY or TRANSPORTER? Passenger car or transit? Equipped with modern applications and technology? You will surely find a car that is right for you in our wide selection. We change our fleet every year, so you will only drive a car that is up to one year old! We select our cars to meet our environmental requirements.

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Carsharing for companies

You use our services for your whole family and you may be curious how carsharing for companies works?

It’s simple too. Moreover, we have prepared a special price list for companies and entrepreneurs.
Are you curious as to what we have prepared for large fleets?

Company carsharing

We offer company carsharing for companies with large fleets. What are the advantages?

The possibility of personalized setting and sharing across the company or payment of a fixed amount.

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What our customer family thinks of us

  • Jaroslav, Prague
    The CAR4WAY service has immediately become the perfect alternative to owning a car, which I quickly got rid of. I don't have to deal with liability insurance, service or parking zones. The cars are usually within walking distance and are in perfect condition. Once CAR4WAY is able to implement a Prague-wide zone, it will be the perfect service.
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  • Petr, Prague
    We chose CAR4WAY in 2015 because no other car service in Prague, specifically Letňany, had any cars. We also wanted to see how much it will cost. Our year-long experience is very positive. The system of using the cars is very simple and easy to understand. In addressing any problems, the company's approach is very customer-friendly and fair. The cars were always ready and maintained. If there were any problems, the car was usually replaced within a few hours. And how did our financial experiment go? The prices are steadily declining, so our original assumption is no longer valid. A year ago, a shared car used for trips several times a week with an occasional trip lasting several days turned out to be more cost-effective than owning a car, and that's not counting the time saved on visiting service centers, insurance companies, etc.
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  • David, Prague
    To me, CAR4WAY is another way to get around Prague and nearby locations. I like that several types of cars are available, for up to 9 people. You can use them for your trip to work, small and big shopping trips, trips to nature or even moving. Especially in the evening, you can save a lot of time in comparison to public transport. Moreover, with the expansion and linking of parking sites, I can now drive in one direction, which gives the car travel a new dimension (easily replacing a taxi). It takes one minute to reserve a car at most, and when I reach the car it is ready to be unlocked. Last but not least, I can drive a brand new car without having to visit a car dealership. I look forward to the expansion of CAR4WAY to other cities and further service improvements.
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Mobile application

Click and go

The car reservation system is available through a mobile application. Download the current version, click and go! In the app you can find a car suitable for your travel purposes, find its current location online, book the day and time, confirm, and it's done! Try our demo version and use the application free of charge.

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