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What are the registration conditions?

For successful registration you will need:
  • Valid driver's and personal identification card
  • Valid payment card

How to choose the right type of price list right for you?

During registration, choose which type of price list will be most advantageous for you. Will you drive a little or regularly? We think of all occasions.
You can choose from the price list BASIC, COMFORT, ACTIVE.

How does the registration proceed?

The first step of registration is an online pre-registration, where you fill in the necessary data and upload the documents. You will then authorize the payment card.

In the second step, your registration is subject to approval. Once you are approved you will get the notification by email and you can login the app and start driving.

We will always keep you informed about the registration process by email.

If you have any problems with the registration, please, contact us at

Who can use shared cars?

You can register with CAR4WAY if you are over 18 years of age and have a valid B-group driving license.

How can I reserve a car?

If you are one of our clients, nothing prevents you from starting to use the carsharing.

  1. Log in to your account on our website or in the CAR4WAY mobile application. We will send you login details after a successful registration.
  2. Choose the car you want to drive from the map
  3. Choose „Go now“ and you get 30 minutes to get in the car. Or you can book the car up to 1 hour in advance.
  4. Save your reservation
  5. Within seconds you will see main information(time, fuel card PIN, location) and the open button

If you plan a longer reservation, it is more advantageous to choose one of our bundle.

How do I find the reserved car?

After saving the car reservation, you will receive the exact location of the car in an SMS. If you book a car through the app, you can use instant navigation to your car via your mobile phone.

How do I unlock the reserved car?

Unlock it within the app using button „Start and unlock“.
Car keys can be found in the passenger compartment. If you want to lock your car during your reservation, just lock it with the key.

What happens if I don't pick up the reserved car?

You must pick up the car up to 30 minutes. If you have changed your plans, it's OK. However, the reservation must be cancelled. You can simply do it in our application or in the client zone on the web site If you do not cancel your reservation, you will be fined CZK 300.

How long in advance can I book a car?

The car can be booked up to 1 hour before you pick it up.

What is the maximum duration of a car rental?

The longest possible car rental takes 7x24 hours. If you need a car for a longer period of time, please, send us an email at We deal with long-term rentals individually.

What do I have to do before I start driving?

Check the condition of the car carefully before every trip. Check that the car is not damaged. If you find damage that does not limit the car's operation, please, report the problem to us either via our call center 601 311 011 or simply in the mobile app, and you can use the car for your ride. By reporting the damage, you can avoid possible damage recovery. If the damage is extensive, and the car cannot be used, please, report it in the same way and book another car. Previous reservation shall be canceled at your request. In the car, always check that everything is where it should be - vignette, Shell card, car keys, mandatory equipment. If something is missing, just report everything to the call center or simply in the mobile app before driving.

Can I drive the car outside the location?

Yes, you can go anywhere. Just remember that you must conclude your reservation at our location, depending on where you picked up your car - either in Prague or Brno. Our location is marked with green colour on the map in the mobile application and on the website If you need to lock the car outside the location, use the car key. By canceling the reservation in the mobile app, you would end the entire reservation and you would not be able to book the car again.

Do I have to return the car exactly where I picked it up?

No, you do not have to return the car to the same place where you rented it. We operate in a free carsharing mode. You can easily get from A to B and end the reservation there. Free carsharing enables you to return the car anywhere within the given location, where it suits you and traffic regulations allow it. Our locations are highlighted in green on the map on our website and in the mobile app.

How to park a carsharing car properly?

Once you conclude your reservation, you can park the CAR4WAY carsharing car for free in the blue and purple zones in Prague. Finding a parking space for a carsharing vehicle is, therefore, much easier and faster than for a car in your possession.

There are several parking zones in Brno, namely a red (historical city centre), green and blue zone. You can park the carsharing car for free in all zones, i. e. in the red, green and blue area, even during the reservation.

A few tips for good parking:
  • Park without violating the traffic regulations.
  • It is not admissible to end a car reservation parked in paid parking lots. If you do so, appropriate parking fees shall be re-invoiced to you.
  • Pay special attention to traffic signs informing about temporary bans on parking on specific streets. If you park your car in a place where a temporary parking ban notice has already been installed, any fines or towing costs shall be re-invoiced to you.

Can I drive abroad with a reserved car?

Yes, you can, but it takes a few steps to do that. Please inform us about your planned trip abroad at least 3 working days in advance at We will issue you a permit to take your car abroad. The foreign travel permit you have obtained must be in your car when you travel abroad. This permit serves as your protection in the event of a possible police check.

Can I drive a shared car on the highway?

Yes, all shared cars are equipped with a valid e-vignette.

Can I use a shared car and my pets?

Your furry partners can go for a ride with us. But beware! You must follow specific rules. The pet must be in a transport box to ensure its safety and cleanliness of the car. If the car is dirty – pet’s fur, mud, etc., you will be charged with the cleaning costs.

Can I smoke in shared cars?


Can someone else use my client account for driving?

It is not possible! The client account is non-transferable and can only be used by a person registered under that account. The user bears full responsibility for reservations and trips made on his/her account.

Can I carry an oversized cargo in a shared car?

It is always necessary to respect the technical parameters of the car. If the load meets these parameters, and the car is not damaged, the shared car can be used for this purpose.

How can I pay to use the car?

When registering, you will enter a credit card, that will automatically deduct payments for your car trips. You can easily manage the card in your app.

If the charge is not successful, we will inform you and you will have to pay the reservation in different way.

Automatic debiting applies solely to payments for using the car and for the Preferential Rate. Automatic debiting does not apply to invoiced costs for fines, car towing, insurance claims and other unforeseen expenses.

All detailed information about your credit card is stored in the bank's payment center. CAR4WAY a.s. does not have any of these data. The payment gateway is secured at the highest level.

Please, feel free to contact us at

How to park a car correctly if I use a minute tariff or one of the advantageous packages?

The General Terms and Conditions shall apply during the entire rental period. It means that you cannot park in underground garages with no GSM signal. Furthermore, you do not park for free in the blue and purple zone during the rental period. If you want to park there, you must pay the parking fee.

Where should I keep the keys?

Before the rental ends, you need to return the car keys where they belong. All keys should be kept in the passenger compartment.

What should I do if I need to refuel the car?

If you need to refuel, leave your wallet in your pocket. In the passenger compartment, you will find a Shell card to pay for fuel. The card PIN is included in the confirmation SMS you receive when you book the car. With a Shell card, you can pay at the following filling stations: Shell, Benzina, OMV, and EuroOil.

PLEASE, do not use premium fuel; otherwise, a fine will be charged for refueling with premium fuel according to the current pricelist.

When your reservation is completed, the fuel tank should be at least a quarter full (25%) of fuel. If there is less than 25% fuel in the tank, and you fill up to 100%, you are entitled to a one-time reward in the form of 10 minutes free of charge for the next rental. The validity of minutes is 14 days; minutes can only be used in the minute tariff. Only one refueling bonus can be obtained for one rental.

Where can I return the car?

Free carsharing allows you to return the car anywhere; you do not have to return the car exactly where you rented it. The only restriction is to return the car in a given city and location, that is, in areas indicated on our map in the app or on the website If you accidentally conclude your reservation outside the location, you must contact our call center. The center shall reserve your car again so that you can park it in our location. If you fail to do so, you will be fined CZK 1500 + CZK 17/km for the technician's departure from the Kolbenova Prague branch.

How do I finish my reservation?

When you no longer need a shared car, you:

  • park the car in accordance with traffic regulations.
  • make sure you've taken all your stuff out of the car.
  • make sure the car keys are in the passenger compartment.
  • make sure all windows are closed.
  • end your reservation by pushing the button „Finish and lock“

In what condition must the car be at the end of the reservation?

There are a few points to follow in the spirit of sharing. Keep in mind that someone will reserve the car after you and will be glad to have the car ready to be used. After all, you are also glad when you can use the car right away without having to deal with the problems of the previous user. It is, therefore, important to:

  • Refuel car up to at least 25%
  • Keep the car interior clean and always clean it up after you conclude the reservation
  • Not take possession of equipment that comes with shared cars

If you come across a car where the previous user has not followed one of the policies mentioned above, please, let us know by reporting the status of the vehicle in the mobile app or on the website in the client zone.

What should I do if I forget something in the car?

Call our call center for assistance. They shall create a new reservation for the car so you can pick up your forgotten things. Such reservation shall be cancelled, so you don't have to pay for it.

If you realize the loss after some time, contact our call center. Please, have your reservation number ready, and we will do our best to find the lost item.

… I become involved in a traffic accident?

Report this fact immediately to our call center, where they will tell you what to do next - depending on the severity of the accident. In any case, the Police of the Czech Republic must be summoned to the accident.

… the Police of the Czech Republic stop me during a routine inspection?

If the Police of the Czech Republic stop you during a routine roadside check, everything is OK. All the necessary documents can be found in the passenger compartment.

… I have a flat tire or other technical problem with the car?

In this case, please, call our call center. They will advise you on how to proceed.

… I cannot unlock/lock my car?

Please, contact our call center to resolve the situation quickly.

… I use the car, and someone else damages it?

If you use the car and find out that someone has damaged it, immediately contact our call center and the Police of the Czech Republic. It must be reported as vehicle vandalism, or otherwise, you will be fully responsible for the damage.

… I find an item in the car that a previous user has forgotten there?

Please, contact the call center. We will do our best to return the item to its original owner.

… I need to change my contact details?

Report the change to

What cars can be shared in CAR4WAY?

Our fleet is awesome. Everybody can choose from it, in the CAR4WAY fleet includes small, as well as manager cars, family SUVs or utility vehicles. Technical and other specifications can be found hele

How are the shared cars insured in CAR4WAY?

All cars are insured by both compulsory and accident insurance without exceptions, with a deductible of 5% or 10%. Insurance conditions can be viewed here.

Are there child booster seats or car seats in shared cars?

Booster seats and car seats are not included in the car equipment. If you need these accessories for your ride, you can place a car seat in the selected car by yourself.

What it takes to rent a car

Who can rent the car?

  • Self-employed individuals
  • Legal entities
  • Customers of Louda Auto
  • Individuals who are active clients of CAR4WAY carsharing

What documents do I need to rent a car?

To rent a car, you need your ID card and driving license. A binding order for corporate customers.

Should I put a deposit for the car; what form does it have and how much is it?

Before renting a car, we will issue you a car rental invoice according to the rate of your choice. You can rent a car only after paying this invoice.

You may be billed for additional costs when returning the car, such as for driving more kilometers, etc.

Can I drive abroad in the car?

Of course, you can. You must report this fact at least three business days in advance and in writing to
We will issue you with a travel permit upon application.
We always need to know exactly where you are going, as some countries are prohibited by our company and some do not have Czech compulsory liability. 

Can someone other than the renter drive the car?

Yes, a person close to the renter can drive the car. In the case of vehicles rented to a legal person, this means its employees.

General Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement

Download HERE

What is included in the price?

Rental price includes:

  • Mandatory POV insurance limit of 100 million /100 million
  • Accident insurance with 10% deductible, at least CZK 10,000
  • Windscreen Insurance
  • Seasonal / All-season tires
  • Regular service inspections
  • Czech highway electronic vignette
  • 24/7 Czech Republic + Europe Assistance Service
  • Legal fees and taxes
  • Free 10-day replacement vehicle in case of car breakdown or crash

What is the rental period of a car?


8 -15 days: 100 km/day
16 - 29 days: 100 km/day
30+: over 30 days, 3,000 km


8 - 15 days: 250 km/day
16 - 29 days: 200 km/day
30+: over 30 days, 150 km/day

You didn't choose? Contact us at, and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

How are the cars insured?

Every car is insured by 10% accident insurance with a deductible of at least CZK 10,000. The deductible applies to each insured event separately. The insurance also includes peripheral glass insurance. Insurance conditions can be viewed here.

If I am not at fault for the accident, do I pay for the damage?

Of course not, the reimbursement comes from the liability insurance of the culprit. In this case, call the Police of the Czech Republic, because it is not your vehicle. Fill out the Accident Record - make sure to note that you are not the culprit of the traffic accident and sign it.

The police report must be sent to, along with a copy of the driving license.

Where can I pick up the car and drop it off?

You pick up and return the car at your preferred branch (if the car is on offer there).
You can choose from 2 CAR4WAY branches in Prague, 1 branch in Brno and 1 branch in České Budějovice:

CAR4WAY Prague: Kolbenova 891/37a, 198 00 Prague 9
CAR4WAY Airport: Aviatická 10, Parking "C", 161 00 Prague 6
CAR4WAY Brno: Hněvkovského 603/81, Louda Auto SEAT, 617 00 Brno
CAR4WAY České Budějovice: U Staré trati 1733/5, 370 11 České Budějovice

Upon prior arrangement, the vehicle can be delivered to the address of your choice. However, this service is subject to a fee, see our current price list.

Do rental cars have vignettes?

Yes, all our rental cars are equipped with a Czech vignette.

For how long can I rent a car?

You can rent a car according to the rates we offer. If you haven't found what you need there, please, feel free to contact us We handle these requests individually.

List of services

Download HERE

In what condition should I return the car?

At its best. You need to return the car clean, tidy and with a full tank.

Can I drop-off the car at a different location than at the CAR4WAY branch?

Yes, but this service is charged.

Wear and tear code

Download HERE

What is operating leasing from CAR4WAY?

It is a long-term form of car rental. The vehicle is owned by CAR4WAY. You can choose from several variants of operating leasing.

Let's have a closer look

We will evaluate the current state of your car fleet together with you before choosing a car and the services that suit you best. Thus, we can better suggest what solution is ideal for you

Choose your car and services

You can choose from our bundles, or configure the services and the car to your liking and needs. Our sales team shall help you find the best mobility option for your business.

Leave the paperwork to us

Leave the long process of car selection and price comparison to us. We will make sure your car is available as soon as possible. We will take care of the administration completely

And just be on your way

Everything is ready, and now nothing prevents you from going your way. We will also assist you in case of an accident or breakdown. The CAR4WAY assistance service is at your disposal 24/7.

When the time is right, we'll get back to you

We will let you know in good time when the end of your operating lease is approaching. We will again evaluate everything together and propose an ideal solution.

Ensured mobility

Operating leasing ensures mobility according to your needs

Don't pay more than you have to

With operating leasing, you only pay for wear and tear on the car and selected services. You do not have to pay the total price of the car

Claim tax benefits

An operating lease installment is a cost-deductible, 100% tax-deductible item.

Keep your cash flow in balance

Keep your cash flow in balance

Let us worry about buying and selling cars

We will ensure regular renewal of your car fleet. Don't worry about choosing a new car or selling a used car.

We'll do the administration for you

We're happy to help you with your car fleet paperwork.

  • You will receive only one invoice per month for your car fleet,
  • Road taxes and mandatory charges are already included in the installment,
  • We will settle any claims for you.

What does CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE contain?

We provide a roadside assistance service for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You are entitled to free use of this service when the CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE service is included in your Operating Lease Agreement. This service includes, among other things, replacement vehicle free of charge, repatriation of the damaged vehicle and crew, crew accommodation, etc.

The line is operated by trained operators who shall provide assistance in the Czech Republic and abroad.

What is the CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE phone number?

+420 261 104 573 - nonstop 24-hour client service in the Czech Republic and abroad

How should I proceed if I need CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE?

Call +420 261 104 573. Report to your operator the following information:

  • Phone number to reach you,
  • Car License Plate,
  • Car brand and type,
  • The car's location,
  • Nature of the breakdown or accident and number of persons driving with you,

What are the types of CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE?


You can find out what service you are entitled to in the Operating Lease Agreement and in the Car's Birth Certificate, which is included in the Driver Set.

Can I rent more cars?

Yes, you can.

Can I take operating leasing even if I am not a legal entity?


How are the operating leasing cars insured?

The cars have both mandatory, as well as accident insurance. The damage incurred shall be paid according to the conditions specified in the Agreement. The amount of deductible shall be agreed individually with the customer. Insurance conditions can be viewed here.

Is it possible to have the car covered with your own advertisement?

Yes, it is possible. But when returning the car, it must be clean and free from any previous stickers.

What documents do I need for concluding an Operating Lease Agreement?


If you are an entrepreneur, you are obliged to provide:

  • A copy of two identity documents,
  • A proof of trade license,
  • A copy of the tax registration certificate,
  • A copy of the submitted income tax return to the FA as of December 31st of the current and past taxation period.


All you have to do is prepare your ID card. Confirmation from your employer regarding your permanent employment income; these documents can be replaced by four consecutive statements of your account.

How long does it take before I can get a car?

If we have a car of your choice in stock, you can have it within seven days of signing the contract. When ordering a car for production, it depends on the brand and model of the vehicle.

Is it possible to see the car in advance?

If the selected car is in stock, you can see it at one of the 12 Louda auto branches, or you can visit the modern automobile showroom of the CAR4WAY operating leasing in Prague.

Do I obtain the so-called a large technical card as a customer?

Do I obtain the so-called a large technical card as a customer?

Can I drive abroad in my car?

Yes, every Driver Set also includes permission to travel abroad in the car.

I need to have my car repaired abroad

If it is necessary to repair the vehicle, for example to minimize subsequent damage, contact CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE first. Upon reaching an agreement, take the car to the nearest authorized service center. If you have to spend your own funds, please, make sure that the originals of the order form and the tax documents are handed over to you. The tax document must include CAR4WAY in the “customer” box, including a valid Company registration number and VAT number.

Theft of a car abroad

Contact the local police immediately and write a report with them. Then inform CAR4WAY ASSISTANCE. Under KASKO insurance, you are entitled to repatriation to the Czech Republic.

Insurance event abroad

Unless otherwise specified in the Contract, the motor mandatory and liability insurance are valid throughout Europe. Before travelling, check the territorial validity on the Green Card. Should an insured event occur, always call the local Police and have the report written. If you do not understand the protocol written in the local language, append the following text to your signature: “I do not understand the text.” Be sure to make a copy of the report.

What should I do if I find out, during the validity of the contract, that I will drive more kilometers than the contract states?

Please, contact us, and after agreement with a competent person we can modify the contract.

What should I do if I am involved in an operating car accident?

Always call the Police of the Czech Republic. It is still necessary to fill out an “Accident Record”, you can find the form in the Driver Set of the car.

Who shall report an insured event to the insurance company?

CAR4WAY reports any damage to the insurance company. All you have to do is to scan the Police Investigation Report and the Accident Record. Please, send these documents to us to In addition, send us a copy of the driving license of the person who drove the car at the time of the insured event pojistné události. Be sure to include in the email the approximate extent of damage, as well contractual service where you took the vehicle or where it was towed.

What should I do if my car is stolen?

Immediately report it to the Police and have it investigated by protocol. Obtain a copy of the report or a reference number and the police department dealing with the incident. Last but not least, please, contact us and send us the report or investigation data.

What should I do if my fuel card is lost?

Please, report this event immediately to us. Be sure to report your car's license number and contract number.

Which service or tire service can I use for my car?

You can find a list of contractual services and tire repair services in the Driver set you receive when you take over the car. You can arrange the date of the check or repair directly with your chosen service. Always inform the contractual service that the car is owned by CAR4WAY. If you have a SERVIS service guaranteed, the costs are invoiced to CAR4WAY. You shall bear the costs outside the pre-agreed scope of services.

What should I do if the car has a fault?

It depends on the type of fault; if the fault icon in the car is illuminated in red, stop the vehicle immediately and call for assistance.

Can I mount additional accessories on my car?

This is only possible if you have written permission from the CAR4WAY company. Otherwise, it is not possible to execute any alternations on the car, mounting of accessories and non-original objects.

At what intervals should I put my car for a service check?

The lessee is obliged to monitor the service interval schedule if the car is equipped with it. Otherwise, he/she is obliged to observe the intervals determined by the car manufacturer.

Am I entitled to a replacement car at the time of the standard service?

You can use a replacement car for free only if you have this service listed in the operating lease calculation.

If the contractual service has a replacement car, it shall prepare it for you within the agreed time. You may be, however, charged for such service.

Am I entitled to a replacement car while my car is immobile?

You can use a replacement car for free only if you have this service listed in the operating lease calculation. Within the assistance service, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle according to the selected program (5 or 10 days).

Who negotiates the term for changing tires?

You can arrange the term with the chosen contractor, whose list can be found in the Driver set. All service work, including the purchase of tires, must be carried out exclusively by our contractors.

Where to service and change tires?

Louda Auto branches

No Louda Auto in your area?
Take advantage of the wide LKQ network

You can use the Best Drive network for tire service

Is it possible to buy the car upon concluding the contract?

If you are interested, please, contact your CAR4WAY contact person.

Where should I drop-off the car upon concluding the contract?

The car can be dropped-off on a place agreed upon when the car was picked up. Most often, it is the headquarters of the company CAR4WAY, or one of the Louda Auto branches. We will inform you in due time about the approaching end date of your leasing contract.

How does the car drop-off look like?

As the contract expires, arrange the date and time to return your car with an authorized CAR4WAY person. Arrange the meeting well in advance so that we can guarantee that the person in charge can attend you on time. Park the vehicle at the agreed place at the agreed time. The authorized person shall draw up a drop-off report on the vehicle with you, which will include data on the vehicle and its condition. Photographs can be made as required.

What documents shall I prepare when returning the car?

  • Driver set,
  • Complete set of keys, including spare keys,
  • A properly filled out Service Booklet (if it was delivered with the car),
  • Refueling Cards,
  • Green Card,
  • Technical license certificate (the so-called small technical license),
  • Mandatory equipment,
  • Functional spare wheel including tools (if equipped),
  • Additional car accessories if they were delivered (e.g. roof racks),
  • Storage media for navigation,
  • Seasonal tires or proof of their disposal.

How is the condition of the car assessed upon its drop-off?

Cars are evaluated based on the Wear Code, which is part of the Driver Set of each car.

How to use the Airport service?

If you need to get to or from the airport conveniently and quickly, the best way is to go with CAR4WAY. Choose any car from public carsharing in Prague, the Airport fee will be added automatically on arrival/departure to/from the airport. The Airport fee is used to enter the car park in the Parking C - RENT A CAR - building or to exit it. This is a one-time fee, which will be charged to the price of the entire rent according to the price list of your choice.

You must terminate your booking in the Parking C - RENT A CAR – building. It is not possible to drive the same car back to the city.

How to book a car?

You book the car as usual. If you want to go to Václav Havel Airport, you must select the car from the car-sharing in Prague. It is not possible to go to the airport by a car-sharing vehicle that is based in Brno. It is also not possible to drive a community-mode-car to the airport.

How to park at the airport?

You can park your vehicle on the ground floor in the Parking C - RENT A CAR - building. The building is located directly opposite Terminal 1.

How to get out of the airport?

Book your car. You can make a reservation up to 60 minutes in advance. The reserved vehicle can be found in the Parking C - RENT A CAR - building, which is located opposite Terminal 1. At the entrance to the building, you will see an elevator on the right side. Use it and go to the 2nd floor - VIP PARKING. You will find the ready CAR4WAY cars right next to the parking lot exit, that is on the right side from the elevator. When exiting, follow the signs EXIT and use the exit ticket, which shall be prepared in each vehicle.

How to use the exit ticket?

In each car, you will find a prepared paper exit ticket on the dashboard. You shall use the ticket twice. First, at the parking barrier on the floor, where you insert the ticket and take it back again. Second, you will use the card on the ground floor, where you put it into the machine, which opens the barrier.

Is it possible to register for carsharing at the airport?

Yes, you can register online via the app or you can visit our stand at the coridor of Parking „C“ – RENT a CAR building. Once your registration is approved, you can drive into city centre immediately. Cars are ready to be used 24/7.

You will be provided with chip card, that can also be used to open the car. Chip cards are provided only in working hours 8AM – 22PM.

Is it possible to leave with the same car I arrived at the airport?

No. The rental must be terminated in the Parking C - RENT A CAR - building. It is not possible to drive the same car back to the city. You must reserve your vehicle again for departure, up to 30 minutes in advance.

Discount cars and airport fee (Airport package)

There are no associated discounts on the Airport Package. The Airport Package shall always be added to the entire car rental. If you choose a discounted car for your trip to the airport, such discount shall not be applied to the fee for entry/exit from the airport, i. e. for the Airport package.

Which car can I drive to the airport?

The car must be selected from the free car-sharing Prague. It is not possible to go to the airport by a car-sharing vehicle that is based in Brno. It is also not possible to drive a community-mode-car to the airport.