You can park for free in Metropolis Zličín with CAR4WAY! Or rent a car in the car park.

May 29, 2024 | CAR4WAY

Free parking Metropole Zličín

We would like to simplify your life when shopping or you are on the way to the cinema.

Introducing a new option: free parking in Metropole Zličín with CAR4WAY carsharing. 

1) Free Parking. What's the best?

    Parking is completely free! CAR4WAY carsharing users do not have to pay for parking.

2) Convenient Shopping.

     Just pick a free vehicle and you're ready to go.

3) Reservation at the parking lot.

     You can choose the car with the biggest boot via the CAR4WAY app. This will ensure that you have plenty of space for shopping and a comfortable ride home.


How It Works: Parking Metropole Zličín

1) Arriving at the Metropoel Zličín car park:

When you arrive at the Metropole Zličín car park, the barrier should automatically raise. This is the ideal scenario. But what if it doesn't?
If the barrier doesn't go up, there's no need to panic. Just ring the car park attendant. She'll let you into the car park based on a visual check. It's quick and easy.

2) Leaving the car park:

There is no need to pay a parking fee when leaving the car park. The barrier is raised automatically again.
However, if the barrier does not lift, you can contact the car park attendant. The stand at the barrier is equipped with a button or bell that you can easily use to contact the operator.

So whether you are coming or going, parking at Metropole Zličín is convenient and hassle-free. 🚗

Free parking in front of shopping centres is great news for carsharing users in Prague. It is a benefit that will make life easier and improve the driving experience.

So if you feel like going to the cinema or need to conveniently transport a larger purchase, don't hesitate to rent a car on the spot. 🚗