Story of little Dalda continues

December 11, 2023 | CAR4WAY

Story of little Dalda continues

Little Dalibor is a smiling boy who has been diagnosed with a genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy.
As a result of this disease, the muscles in his body do not work, so Dalda has to constantly exercise and go to rehabilitation sessions with the hope that one day he will be able to walk.
We have been with Dalda for two years now and are happy to be able to help him and his whole family so they can focus fully on treatment.

Dalda was given the drug Zolgensma in , and although it stopped the disease, irreversible damage had already been done.
With frequent exercise and rehabilitation, it is possible that one day he will be able to stand and walk a little.
His parents were once told they were optimistic if they believed Dalda would ever climb. Now he is climbing, can sit up on his own and is improving all the time.

Previously, they used our Skoda Karoq car, which met their needs perfectly. The family recently welcomed a new Dalda sibling, so the Karoq was no longer sufficient.
In order to fit everyone in while still feeling comfortable, we upgraded their car to a new Volkswagen Caddy.
In it, they have plenty of room for all family members and to comfortably store their wheelchair, stroller and other belongings.
They use the car not only for driving around Brno, but also for long journeys for rehabilitation.
This year they have twice attended a neurorehabilitation stay in the Hájek centre and a hiporehabilitation stay in Bohuslavice.
Next year they will have five such stays, which would be almost unrealistic without a spacious car..
V příštím roce je takových pobytů čeká rovnou pět, což by bez prostorného auta bylo téměř nereálné.

These activities are extremely important for Dalda. Thanks to them, he is still moving motorically and gaining new strength, even though it is hard work.
He is currently perfecting his climbing, high kneeling and is starting to train standing. We firmly believe that he will not stop with these skills.
Parents of little Daldy

Do you want to help Dalda one day achieve his dream and walk without aids?
You can make a donation to the family's transparent account so they can purchase more important aids and facilitate treatment.
We'll keep going with Dalda and be his support. Do you want to join us?