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Operating lease for a year now in CAR4WAY

November 28, 2023 | CAR4WAY

Christmas is coming and we have an amazing gift for you that you deserve - a car on operating lease from Car4Way!

Imagine being able to put the keys to your new vehicle under the tree and start the new year with carefree driving.

✨ Why annual operating lease from Car4Way?

Carefree in the First Place: In a year's time, you'll find that an operating lease from Car4Way is not only convenient, but also completely worry-free. We take care of everything you need. You just drive, fill up and enjoy your brand new car.
Flexibility to the Maximum: After one year, you have the option to extend up to five years with the possibility of changing the annual mileage or services. Your satisfaction is our priority.
No Big Initial Investment. It's simple and affordable for everyone.
Variability of Models: if you would like something new after a year, it's not a problem. All you have to do is upgrade to a new model of your preference.

And that's not all! The price of an operating lease from Car4Way includes:
Insurance with 5% deductible, including glass insurance
VIP assistance, in the event of a breakdown, a spare car for 10 days free of charge

🌐 Check out our special offers at and choose from thousands of cars in partnership with LA. Our inventory is available at 18 Louda Auto locations nationwide.

Don't wait and make yourself happy with the best gift under the tree! 🚗🎄