November 28, 2023 | CAR4WAY

Where to go to the Christmas market?

We sent our biggest Christmas lovers to soak up the atmosphere.
They're actually our editorial Grinches, of course, but we can appreciate their recommendations all the more.
They took the Scala and the Karoq on the road and headed to Brno and Prague. How did they like the Advent markets?

Prague Christmas markets

Prague and Advent markets are inseparable partners, which our colleagues always look forward to. That's why we went there, to see what's so great.
We chose Old Town Square, of course, where the first stalls opened on December 2. We left Scala nearby, so we were only a few minutes walk from the first stall.
We immediately went for the smell of homemade pastries, cookies and we're not going to lie - of course one of the first stops was an honest to goodness brew.
Food lovers will find something to their liking here. This time we rejected the cheese madness at the nearby fast food joints and tried the homemade sausages, which were absolutely divine.
Then we wanted to go back to our car, but remembered the mulled wine. So we walked and took the karoq to the next market, as the Scala was already dismantled.
That's the advantage of car sharing. I simply approach the place, and when the car is no longer convenient, I just leave it there.




Our next stop was the market on Svobody Square in Brno. I'm sure you can imagine that we, as Grinches from Prague, were supposed to go to Brno.
Since we wanted to take some of those souvenirs with us, we took the Karoq so we could fit in everything we were about to buy.
Plus, if you have some alcohol, you just leave the car there and walk home or take public transportation.
We have to say it was one of the best trips we have ever taken. The Christmas market programme started on 25 November and offers many interesting activities.
The fun here starts with the classic stalls where traditional delicacies, Christmas gifts or homemade decorations await you to decorate your whole home with.
But what impressed us most was the accompanying programme, which offers different concerts or theatre performances every day. You can enjoy it with a group of friends or a family with small children.
If something doesn't quite grab your attention at this place, you can simply walk over to Dominican Square to take an Instagram photo by the giant wooden star and listen to more great concerts.

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