Save with your new credit!

June 29, 2023 | CAR4WAY

Credit is for dudes!

Once again, we've come up with a new feature that will make it easier to use our services.

Have you ever used credit for calling and texting or do you still use it? Our news will make it absolutely easy for you!
Forget about monthly fees and ride credit with us like a dude.

How will it be with tariffs now, you ask?
It will be even more convenient! Now the price will be decided by the amount of your credit.
You can always check your current account balance and current tariff in the CAR4WAY app.
Credits are only refundable in the event of contract termination and liabilities will be settled within 30 working days. 

You will want to know how it will be

Once again, we've had to drag the mathematician out of the dark room where he scribbles his equations.
He's calculated everything and you can now look at the specific benefits of the credits.

COMFORT tariff
the credit level after recharge must be 1000 - 2 999 CZK 
you will get 5% discount on minutes and 4% discount on packages


the credit level after recharge must be 3 000 - 4 999 CZK 
you will get 12% discount on minutes and 8% discount on packages


credit level after topping up must be CZK 5,000 or more 
you get 21% discount on minutes and 12% discount on packages

That's good, isn't it? Much easier and clearer!




How do you do that? 

Select the amount you want to top up in the " Menu " section under " My credit " and use the stored credit card to top up the amount. 

Once the credit has been added to the app, we will activate the appropriate discount. 

The credit is used to pay for the entire reservation.  

You will always see the current credit balance 

in the detail of the car you are choosing

 in the PRICELIST button 

in the "My Credit" section 



If you already have a paid plan, you have 2 options 

1) Continue using CAR4WAY as you are used to

2) You want to switch to credit

In the " My Account " section, you switch to the Basic tariff. By the end of the month, your existing terms will expire and you will top up your credit from the new month.

In the "My Credit" section you will top up your desired amount of credit and get the tariff according to the conditions above. 


Credit is only available for use as payment for individual bookings. 

Credits are non-refundable except in the event of cancellation and will be settled within 30 working days. 

Terms and conditions are valid until 31 December 2023 and are subject to change throughout.