November 27, 2023 | CAR4WAY

Lets share some Christmas market

Christmas is knocking on the door and with it comes our favourite traditions. Finding the most beautiful tree, shopping for gifts, baking sweet sweets and meeting family and friends. The last activity in particular is one of the most popular. Unfortunately, in recent years, such gatherings could only take place at home, but this year we can already go out for the Christmas atmosphere!

               The Christmas markets are really starting and we can't miss them! Our favourite stalls are back again, from which we can smell the aroma of gingerbread, sweets, sausages and of course our favourite mulled wine. The last mentioned drink is always a bit of a risk, but we trust that there is always a kind soul who will make the journey back for us.

               We must celebrate the official return of the Christmas markets with all the pomp and circumstance, so we should go to the nicest ones that will bring out the true Christmas spirit in us. We have selected two Czech cities and two of our foreign neighbours. However, with CAR4WAY, nothing is an obstacle and you can go anywhere in a rented car.


             One of the most beautiful markets takes place every year in Pilsen and this year will be no different! Until December 23, 2023, you can check out the Square of the Republic, where a rich program including West Bohemian folk traditions and crafts with a focus on Christmas awaits you. Accompanied by traditional carols, you will get plenty of inspiration for Christmas gifts or possible decorations.


               Christmas markets in the historic town always have the right atmosphere that everyone is looking for. That's why the ones in Olomouc are the obvious choice. Until 23 December 2023, you can visit dozens of stalls or check out the wooden town. For enthusiasts of the spooky atmosphere, this year for the first time a large parade of Krampus - the terrifying Alpine devils - will pass through. Of course, good deeds also belong to the holidays, so in Olomouc you can support charity stalls that donate their profits to charitable organisations and projects.




Germany is famous for its long tradition of Christmas markets, and one of the most famous is in Dresden. They have been held here since the 15th century, which is why market lovers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries flock here every year. This year there is a programme until 24 December 2023, packed with Saxon craft shows, romantic evenings and other accompanying programmes. It's easy to get to the markets by direct train or bus, but why worry about delays or occupied seats when you can drive from CAR4WAY?


Vienna is known for its diversity, as there is something for everyone, as there are several markets for visitors with different focuses. However, the most famous market is the one in front of the neo-Gothic Town Hall, which lasts until 26 December 2023 and welcomes visitors with up to 150 stalls. The ice rink is certainly a magical experience, where you can skate around the illuminated trees. Even the Grinch himself won't miss out on such romance!

 There are only a few days left until Christmas, so make the most of them and get into the festive spirit with CAR4WAY.